"Only one who actively lives his life can truly understand it, represent it and defend it"

Luka Vižintin, Attorney-at-Law

Our knowledge and experience is based on over 10 years of independent work in the field of law, allowing us to provide you with the utmost professionalism, engagement, diligence and pervasiveness as we represent you and handle cases from various fields of law, particularly:

civil law

Civil law governs many aspects of your life, even the most mundane, personal and private among them. That is why we apply particular care and provide confidential advice in various aspects of civil law - from contracts to indemnity claims, family law and inheritance proceedings. We always try to pursue amicable dispute resolution. If an amicable solution cannot be reached, we will staunchly defend you in litigious and non-litigious procedures.

obligational contractual relationships (legal advice in executing and fulfilling contracts)

claims for damages (enforcement of tort claims)

judicial recovery (enforcement of accounts receivable)

property relations (division of joint property, arrangement of co-ownership)

marital disputes and relations between parents and children (divorce law, child alimony, child visitation)


corporate law

Corporate law is one of the key elements present in the world of business today. That is why we offer our clients advice from the earliest stages of establishing corporate entities, and further down the line, we offer legal assistance in all types of changes in legal status, we provide support in negotiations, execution of contracts and we represent corporate entities in legal disputes brought before courts and other authorities.

status corporate law (procedures involving the establishment and transformation of companies and other legal entities)

corporate contractual relationships (legal advice in executing and fulfilling contracts)

representing companies in corporate disputes before courts and other authorities

insolvency law

Economic fluctuations and even day-to-day activities carry different risks which can result in illiquidity and insolvency. Timely and proper action can prevent severe adverse consequences, both for the creditor and for the insolvent debtor. As representatives of the creditors, we protect their interests in all stages of insolvency procedure, aiming to maximize the recovery of claims; for insolvent debtors, we provide legal advice in insolvency procedures against legal entities and in personal bankruptcy proceedings.

financial restructuring

legal consultancy and representation in insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings, compulsory settlement proceedings, simplified compulsory settlements)

labor law

Relationships between employers and employees can be contentious, but proper legal consultancy can prevent most of them before they happen. Only by following and applying best practices can employers reduce the potential for disputes and it is for this reason that we offer legal consultation in the drawing-up and execution of employment contracts, preparation of company bylaws and HR restructuring. In unavoidable disputes, we provide employees and employers with fast, efficient and practical solutions.

legal support in concluding employment contracts

preparation of general bylaws and legal consultancy in planning HR restructuring

legal representation of employees and employers in industrial disputes



real estate law

Selling or buying real estate can be a long and complex procedure. Great caution is needed even in the absence of disputes between the buyer and the seller. That is why we provide our clients with the advice they need, we represent them and oversee real estate procedures on their behalf, all with the aim of ensuring a safe purchase or sale and preventing or resolving any potential disputes.


We provide a completely integrated solution, which includes drawing up all types of contracts, legal advice in large-scale real estate development projects, legal consultancy in exercising remedies against substantive and procedural errors, as well as all types of entries in the land registry.

legal support in concluding real estate contracts (sale agreement, lease agreement, gift agreement, easement agreemen)

legal support in large-scale real estate development projects (land plot acquisition, construction development agreements)

legal consultancy in exercising remedies against substantive and procedural errors in real estate purchases

registration in the land registry

criminal law

Obviously, being a party to criminal procedures is an unpleasant experience to say the least. No matter if the cause is a rash life decision or an unjustified accusation, we will help you without prejudice and defend you in all types of criminal procedures. We also provide the injured parties in criminal procedures with the legal assistance and representation when they decide to take over criminal prosecution, file a personal law suit or a claim for restitution.

representing the defendant in criminal cases (pretrial procedures, custody procedures, covert investigations, court investigations, representation at the main trial and in procedures involving ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies)

representing the victim in criminal cases (drawing up the crime report and personal law suit, and filing claims for restitution)

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