"Only one who actively lives his life can truly understand it, represent it and defend it"

Luka Vižintin, Attorney-at-Law

Our goal is guided by the following principles and mission:


We are committed not only to constantly updating our professional knowledge, upholding the highest ethical standards and making no compromises when it comes to your confidentiality, but also to constantly pursue our quest for knowledge and discovery in all areas of human creativity and experience.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services and representation. We are firmly committed to lifelong learning because it is the only way we can provide you with the best solutions at any given time.

high standards

We set the bar high. We realize that it is their specific case that is the most important to each client. That is why we don’t make a distinction between more or less important work, but are instead always guided by the same principles:

professionalism – we keep our services at the highest level of professionalism

confidentiality – we guarantee total attorney-client privilege and make no compromises

promptness – we provide fast and efficient solutions

sincerity – we always give the client a realistic picture about their case

amicable dispute resolution – we always encourage our clients to seek amicable solutions to disputes, which are usually the fastest and most optimal

keeping up with the times

We live in a time where things, people and information are interwoven at an increasing pace. More than ever before, we are exchanging new knowledge, skills, making new contacts, pursuing new goals.

We are traveling across more and more worlds, areas, experiences, both real and virtual.

Only those who keep up with the times can understand them. Only those who understand them can reliably represent them - either on their own or on their client’s behalf. This is particularly important for the legal profession these days.

interdisciplinary approach

We are firmly convinced that we would not be able to do our work properly if we limited our professional development strictly to the field of law.

That is why we swear by our interdisciplinary approach, as this provides the key difference which distinguishes average work from excellence.

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